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Golden Brands 464 in limited quantities. Call with questions. 608-258-2558.
ALL Phthalate Free Candle Scent! No extra fillers or solvents! Fully tested candle making supplies! Scents, soy waxes, wicks and dyes. We now have soap making supplies!
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You found us! We are one of candle maker's best kept secrets! We are the home of professional quality scents and dyes manufactured with the small to medium sized professional quality candle maker in mind. You need not be a professional to want quality! Our scents are so concentrated that you end up using less which means you actually save money on product! Not to mention fewer shipping costs as reordering can take twice as long! We DO NOT use stock scents! Each of our oils is painstakingly crafted over months, if not years to get the blend to my exact specifications. And since our Candle Cocoon, llc fragrance oils are so concentrated they are often stinky or "off" when smelled in the bottle. Please get samples into wax before placing judgement! Also, please be sure to use the correct amount of scent (which is indicated on the bottle) so as to get the desired scent outcome. Using too much fragrance oil not only wastes money it may also give a scent that is not intended by covering up or masking some of the more delicate notes in our complex fragrance structures. Also, make sure that your melt pool is correct before judging our oils. If your candle is not burning correctly you may not be getting the intended scent (This goes for any scent from any manufacturer.) For more questions please visit our forum or contact for further assistance.

Candle Cocoon, llc also carries a large selection of candle molds. We have many different sizes and shapes including some uncommon varieties! Cinnamon buns, square, round, triangle, oval, pyramid and oblique molds are some of the most common candle making molds. We have tin plated steel, aluminum and flexible rubber (like) candle molds. We also have a mold that is round and two feet long and a mold that is huge! All our molds are very competitively priced! Take a look! If you don't see it on the page contact us as our inventory changes frequently!

Our 140 MP paraffin is great for molded candles. To one pound of 140 MP paraffin we suggest adding a 1/4t Vybar 103 about an ounce of palm stearic acid and an ounce of beeswax to get a beautiful opaque, long-burning candle with great scent throw. (You end up with 1 pound 2 ounces of wax with additive) If you would like to make soy pillars we suggest using the Enchanted Lites Votive Wax and add 4 ounces of beeswax and 1 Tablespoon of palm stearic acid. This makes a beautiful candle that needs to cool very very slowly so that it doesn't crack.

We also sell candle wick. We carry square braid, flat braid and the incredibly popular Heinz CD and CDN (Stabilo) candle making wick. We also have some some PK and PKN wicks. We test all of our scents and are able to assist you with your wicking needs. We can also help with our fragrances even if you don't use our wicks or wax. We want you to have the best burning candle possible!

We also carry four different kinds of dye. All of them are of the highest possible quality. If you are a large batch candle maker we suggest the dye crystals as they are the most concentrated. You will need a micro scale to make sure that your colors are reproducible. The initial investment may be more but you will end up saving a lot of money in the long run. Each bag of dye crystals is about 10x more concentrated then other chips or dye dots that are on the market. We suggest the Flutter Dyes for the medium and small candle makers. They are easy to use as you can just count them out and record how many you use. You can also produce endless of color combinations with the 12 colors that we provide which will also save you money and have to keep less inventory. The Flutter Dyes are also made with a natural base, do not leave residue in the pour pot and a portion of the profits goes to support endangered butterfly habitat. If you are not too keen on mixing your own color combinations we suggest the dye diamonds. Twelve of the colors are actually interchangeable with the Flutter Dyes. So you can actually get the 12 Flutter Dyes and supplement with the dye diamonds. Dye blocks are a nice big chunk of color. You can shave them, break off pieces or use them whole.

Candle wax is the largest component of a candle and we proudly sell Candle Cocoon Soy Votive Wax! Our votive wax is also exceptional for use in melts!. We are also supplies of the wonderful Enchanted Lites, Millennium Container, Classic Container (now called Mid-West Soy) and Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax. After years of testing soy waxes we have found that Enchanted Lites Classic and Golden Brands 464 have the overall best soy wax scent throw of on the market. The Millennium frosts less then the Classic Container but it also loses a tad of scent throw. With the Enchanted Lites and Golden Brands waxes you end up saving money because you don't have to use as much fragrance oils as you would with other brands. We drop ship the Enchanted Lites which makes it cheaper for you! You get our distributor discount and direct shipping!

We also sell Bareco (Calumet) votive (140F) and container (130F) paraffin wax. It is basic paraffin wax without additives. You can get non-additive wax just about anywhere so I suggest you get what ever is closest to you. Of course we are happy to provide you with shipping quotes (the shipping calculator is often incorrect). It may be cheaper to get it from us as we don't tack on extra shipping charges. And remember driving an hour uses a lot of gas and uses your time. Both of these things have a value!

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