Class - Travel Tins

Class - Travel Tins

  • $50.00

About this Event

You will get everything you need including the containers to use 3 pounds of soy wax!  If you were to purchase these as candles it would cost almost $200!  Go home with 12 candles!  Makes great gifts.

You will select 3 scents from Candle Cocoons wide variety of unique and concentrated scents. There is nothing else like them on the market.  You will also get to select three different colors for your candles.

Trained Candle Cocoon staff will guide you through the "real" candle making process.

You will be taught the following;

 How to select candle safe containers

Choosing a scent

Choosing and wicking a container

Center a wick

Proper wax mixing technique

Candle coloring

Candle pouring technique

How to read a wicking chart

Color blending/mixing

How to figure out wax amounts for your containers


All in a relaxed and fun environment. This is real candle making. You will want to wear old clothes and shoes. Wax can get everywhere.

If you are a returning candle maker you can make as many as you like. Your class will be used more like studio time.

online supplies?

This is a beginning candle making class. Lots of professional tips can be included but if you are not into that we will limit our babble :)

Candle making times vary greatly. It could take as little as one hour or as much as 3 hours. Candles may not be ready upon leaving and may need to be picked up at a different time.

Lastly - Please dress accordingly. Wax can get everywhere! Especially shoes (wax falls down). Please wear old cloths and shoes.

Questions? Contact us customer @ candlecocoon