EcoFrost - Biodegradable and Home Compostable Bag

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Our very own EcoFrost Bags are sturdy, translucent and re-closable.  These bags can take a lot!  Just keep them out of direct sun-light for extended periods.  After use they can be put into a home composter and break down into organic materials within just a few months (not micro-plastics)!  BUT they can last on shelves from 6 months, a year or longer when kept dry and out of direct sun.

  • Home Compostable  - View Certificate
  • Food Safe
  • 100 and 1000 are packed in 100s.  In a compostable bag.
  • Sizes include interior of the bag.  Zipper portion excluded in size.
  • Freezer safe for at least 2 months.