Biodegradable Shrink Wrap System - 14 inch.

Biodegradable Shrink Wrap System - 14 inch

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Quantities are limited at this price and are due to increase any day. Price increase is imminent. Biolefin™ 2.0 Biodegradable Polyolefin Shrink Wrap Bundle

Complete 14" shrink-wrap system, includes 15" sealing Wand, film carrier, teflon pad, cushioning pad, deluxe dual-temp heat gun and biodegradable Polyolefin film. Appropriate for wrapping small multiples (i.e., 6-9 bars of soap in a single session, 4 CD's etc ) as well as mid-sized individual items, stationery and more.

Although too small for serious gift basketing, this system is large enough to do small trays, gift sets, and by "doubling" the film, the occasional gift basket.

Each system includes

  • A "free-arm" sealing wand. Not attached to the unit. Much more versatile and productive to use than stationary arm systems (I-Bar systems).
  • A special heat resistant pad and a cushioning pad that goes underneath the machine and on top of the sealing surface to be used to protect against any damage and to make sealing the film with the wand easier on less than optimal surfaces. Other systems include a pad 13" wide...Ours is a full 36" wide (rolls up for space-saving & storage!) giving you almost 3 times the working surface!
  • An Instructional video that shows you how to set up and use the system, wrap your products, wrap your gift baskets and gives you many ideas we've picked up from our thousands of satisfied customers.
  • A film carrier/dispenser that supports and protects the roll of film, allowing it to be rolled out without spooling. There is a special dividing bar on the carrier that separates the two layers of film as you dispense it, so you're not fighting the static charge while trying to separate them.
  • A FULL roll of 500' 60 gauge biodegradable Polyolefin centerfold shrink film
  • Our own professional light-weight dual-temp heat gun with high and low settings. Specially designed for shrink packaging. Much easier and less tiring than older, heavier models that don't offer any better service.

Works on standard 110V (220V available in systems 18" and larger). Easy to use, the finished product is indistinguishable from items sealed with systems costing 10 times as much! Good for wrapping, bundling and gift basketing*.

Wrap foodstuffs, cosmetics, perfume, books, copies, artwork and matted prints (we include acid-free film for them!), cookies, fudge, brownies, DVD's, CD's, Videos and Game Carts, bundled items etc can even wrap chocolate too! Professionally shrink wrap your packages for just pennies with this easy-to-use system.


MADE IN THE USA, this system features a DETACHED SEALING when you're wrapping smaller items, like soaps, fragrance, candles, lotions, boxes, candy, books, office supplies etc can seal multiple packages with a single operation!

Saponifiers...(that's soapmakers to the rest of you!) if you make and wrap soap...the ease and efficiency with which you can now wrap your product will stun you! How does 12 bars (professionally wrapped) in a one minute sound? ...IT'S ALL IN THE INCLUDED INSTRUCTIONAL DVD! Compare THAT to your Saran-wrapping and Sam's Wrapping efforts! Wrapping a dozen bars of soap (or any such small item) would only take about 7 seals if you arrange them in rows and columns on the sealing pad. (Check out our special page for soapers...with a video demo here) Compare that to the 2 seals PER PACKAGE fixed-arm units require...not to mention the fact that you'd have to pick up each item TWICE, once to seal and a second time to re-position it next to the sealing surface for trimming. With a detached sealing wand system, you bring the sealing operation to your product quickly and efficiently.


When you're wrapping gift baskets or other oddly shaped can custom cut the film to the proper shape with a twist of the wrist...without having to reposition the basket, film or product! You can create custom bags to the size of your baskets without having to have dozens of pre-cut shrink bags or cello bags to go through to see which one fits. It only takes One Minute to cut, wrap and shrink your gift baskets with our system! The Instructional DVD/Video shows you how.

How's that compared to 20 minutes with cello or other wrapping products. Not only that, shrink-wrapping your baskets holds your products in place and to make your baskets extra secure, use Glue Dots™ to hold your products in place. (We sell them for $36.50 for a box of 2000.)


Additionally, if you have to wrap something LARGER than your film will allow, DOUBLING THE CAPACITY OF YOUR FILM takes only a minute or so as you can open up the centerfolded film (to double its width) and seam two pieces together, so you needn't buy a larger system just because you have an occasional oversized package or basket...IT'S ALL IN THE INCLUDED INSTRUCTIONAL DVD!

Please Note: We have systems in a number of sizes, from 8" (good for single CD's, videos, etc) to 30" (suitable for big, matted prints and humongous baskets).


All systems are sold with a 30 Day money-back guarantee and a 2 Year, service and labor included!
Other systems require a $25 kit to fix a simple broken wire! For 2 are free and when you're out of warranty, repair kits start at only $4.00...and there's no minimum order. (When ordering, please indicate what you are going to be wrapping so we can include the right film for what you want to do. It's to our advantage that the system works well for you...and using the right film is a big step in that direction. This does not affect the cost of the system...only how well it works!


Finding the right system for your Gift Baskets:

To determine the right width of film and the right sized system for your gift basketing, measure the circumference of a basket you'd typically wrap. Place your flexible ruler on the top of the handle and wrap it around the bottom of the basket...back up to where you started., add 10%, Divide by 2, and round up to the next even number...that will determine the width of the film, and typically, the system, you'll need. For occasional larger baskets, you can double the capacity of the film...but this is an accommodation...not a production technique. Please feel free to call to discuss your specific application.



Polyolefins are soft shrink films with a feel similar to that of your standard Ziploc-type sandwich bag. There are two processes by which polyolefin is manufactured, the latest of which is a method called cross-linking. Cross-linked polyolefin yields a stronger, more puncture-resistant film than shrink packaging produced by the old method. It's more expensive than standard films and is usually sold under the PREMIUM FILM designation. Polyolefin, an FDA-approved-for-food-contact film is breathable, freezable, microwaveable and allows the scent through the film WHETHER PERFORATED OR NOT.
We originally perforated many of our film selections for the benefit of our many goat's milk and dairy-based soapers, whose bars need to "breathe" (to avoid rancidity from any dairy components). While these perforations allow the scent through quickly on wrapping...given a day or so, the scent of the soap will still come through the non-perforated polyolefin films as well. Another reason many of our soapers, even those not using milk in their recipe, prefer the perforated films is that the perforations allow any air trapped in your package to escape. Sometimes, without the pinholes, if you perfectly seal a bar of soap, it will trap the air in the package as well...and puff up like a little pillow as you shrink it down. The technique to resolve this minor issue, is to squeeze the bar as you handle it normally for shrinking. The air will find a way out, while other than squeezing the bar, you haven't really done anything extra, or taken any extra time.
If you'll be wrapping individual bars only, 60 gauge is the film of choice. (Just to give you some perspective on the film, Apple uses 60 gauge film wrapping iPads). Thinner, easier to cut and seal and quicker to shrink than any of the other films, this film is available in standard, perforated and Soft Shrink varieties. Soft shrink polyolefin is a special formulation that requires less heat to shrink down, a big plus for wrapping butters and other heat sensitive items, and it exerts less force during the shrinking if your decorative bars feature delicate designs, like the petals on a soap rose...or you make shaped soaps, like pie slices, muffins etc, you might want to opt for this variant of 60 gauge film as it conforms to shapes better than other films.
If you've "gone green" there is a 60 gauge (only!) biodegradable film, Biolefin™ , that will serve the same purposes as standard film, but take 90% less time to degrade in the environment, and in a landfill situation, it will decompose into biomass in a span of 3-5 years. It's available perforated or not, and, as do all polyolefins, allows the scent of your soaps through whether perforated or not.

Very strong, multi-layer film. Puncture resistant. For general packaging, bundling, multi-packs & irregular shapes or sharp edges & corners. Acid Free, FDA approved for direct food contact. Best for paper products, books & artwork. Use 60 gauge for baked goods. Matte finish, very soft & flexible. Yields to pressure. Resists breakage. Recyclable. Allows scent to pass through.
****Our favorite shrink wrap system here at Candle Cocoon! We sell it because we believe in it!