Euro Style Rectangle - 15 Cavity

  • $42.00

This silicone soap mold allows for soapers to create a modern version of the classic rectangle soap. The soap made with this mold is slightly narrower and slightly thicker than a traditional bar.

Common Uses:
Melt & Pour Soap (MP). Cold Process Soap (CP). Cold Process Oven Process Soap (CPOP). Hot Process Soap (HP). Lotion Bars.

Average Bar Weight 4.8 oz
Tray Cavities 15
Bar Depth 1.5"
Bar Length 2.8"
Bar Width 1.8"
Mold Capacity 72oz

Points of Interest:
Material: Food Grade Silicone
Maximum Product Pour Temp: 500ºF
Makes (15) Individual Bars

Country of Origin: Materials from USA. Produced in China.

Made with food grade silicone. Once mold is used for making soap, it should not be used for food production. To avoid damage to mold, do not use sharp metal tools to cut or remove contents. Never place near an open flame, use under a broiler, or on a cook top burner.

And absolutely, under NO circumstances should you ever use a blow torch! Only use a blow torch if making Creme Brule. And then only use a small blow torch.