100% Midwest (Classic) Soy Wax - Container

  • $3.35

***NOTICE****Effective immediately.  Midwest wax prices have increased greatly and there are no longer distributor discounts.  We feel that you can get it directly from the manufacturer for much cheaper at this point.  The Golden Brands 415 is very much like this wax.  If you are looking to try something new I strongly recommend the Coco Extreme BW917


100% Midwest Soy wax (Soy100).  Formerly known as EL Soy Classic Container--Now owned by American Soy Organics

  • Comes in easy to use pellet form
  • Fantastic side adhesion
  • Wonderful scent throw
  • 100% US farmed
  • Soy Modifier can be added
  • Cases are 45lbs
  • Pallets have 40 cases. In bags.

This is a wonderful soy wax with incredible scent throw. Excellent jar adhesion.

Often thought of as a raw material that you add other additives to create a soy candle.  We find it to have wonderful scent throw on it's own but the tops usually look ugly and it frosts a lot.  We are working on a recipe to help.

What is said about this soy wax - "The best soybeans come from the richest soil, and the richest soil is in America's Midwest.  That's why our Soy100 is simply the richest, most consistent soy wax in the world." - Owner

100% Midwest Soy Wax (Classic) gives great jar adhesion with little shrinkage when poured cool. Smoother tops and brighter colors can be achieved with the addition of 5% soy modifier. 

Directions from the manufacturer:
For best results:
  • Heat wax to 150 F
  • Let cool to 125 F
  • Fold in fragrance up to 12%*
  • Cool to 105 F or lower
  • Gently pour into your jar and allow to cool for 48 hours before burning.
*Vigorously stirring your wax can cause aeration, which is a no-no for soy candle production.  Always test your fragrance and wicks for proper burning qualities.

Customize your blend - This wax is extremely compatible with most other candle waxes such as paraffin, beeswax, coconut and other waxes.
*soy modifier is 100% natural and will increase the soy's hardness and help give better tops.
***Pallets are shipped only.  40 cases per pallet. Assumption is that a lift gate will be needed and you will unload from a pallet.  If pallet can be shipped via Spee-Dee Delivery it may be free delivery.