Easter Egg Soap Kit - candle-cocoon

Easter Egg Soap Kit

  • $32.25

Want to make quick and easy melt and pour Easter Egg soaps? We just used left over soap bases that we had on hand. No left overs. No problem, just order this kit. The amounts used will vary and if you melt too much just pour it back into the original container.

Enough for 4-5 soaps. If you would like to make more we suggest purchasing another pound of the clear melt and pour soap.

Included in Kit

1 Pound SFIC Clear Melt and Pour soap base

1 Pound SFIC White Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour soap base

Egg Mini Cookie Cutter

Scent- Pick from Menu

Soap Cutter - wavy edge

Oval 4 Cavity Silicone Soap Mold

1 pair Latex Gloves
2 Craft Sticks

Not included in kit. (needed)
IsoPropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) in a spray bottle
Soap Cutter - straight edge. Or butter knife

Wax paper to cover counters
Microwave safe bowl
Surface to cut on

(Duck not included)