M-100 Ultimate Melt Melt/Votive/Pillar

  • $4.25

100% all natural soy botanical wax.  Free of paraffin, insects, mineral and animal products.  Works wonderfully for melts, votives and pillars! Wonderful scent throw.

Out of all of the pillar soy waxes we have tested this one blows the sides out the least.  Testing for best wick size is very important. 

Melt Point:                              129F (53.9C)

Fragrance Load:                     ~12% Max

Suggested Pour Temp:         155-175F  (68.2-79.4C)

Pouring:                                  Requires Multiple Pours for Large Candles

Common Uses:                      Melts, Votives, Pillars, Molded Candles

Storage:                                 Cool, Dark and Dry

Form:                                      Pellet

Case Size:                              45 lbs


Storage Life:                          Up to 3 Years

Color in Pellets:                      White to Light Yellow

Color in Finished Product:       White to Yellow-Brown
(Without Dye)

  • Tremendous single-pour properties
  • Outstanding color-retention
  • Incredible release from molds without the need of release agents
  • Great for votives, too!
From the manufacturer - You can create a rustic mottled candle by pouring cooler, and a shiny sophisticated candle by pouring hotter.

Here is how it's done:
  • Melt wax to 180 degrees F
  • Let cool to 170 degrees F and add fragrance
  • Pour right away for smooth finish, or cool to 145 degrees for mottled effect.
  • Let cool for 48 hours prior to burning.
This wax can be fragranced to 12% or higher, but be sure to use fragrances with flashpoints above 190 degrees for maximum performance in your candle.  Always test your wicks in your votive candles.


Pictures of knit candle, owls and flowers are not included with wax purchase.  They are used only as an example of what can be made with M-100 Ultimate Melt Wax.