Newsflash - Fallen Leaf

Newsflash - Fallen Leaf

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A late Fall hike through a sun-warmed forest. Leaves lying on the moist ground. A gentle rain starts as you duck into an old barn. Most of the roof and sides have fallen back into the earth. But the shelter is enough to keep you warm and dry as you enjoy the deep rich smell of the leaves all around. Soon the sun is spilling through the trees. You just can't smell this scent anywhere else!

A heavy, musky, earthy blend with notes of amber and patchouli with a hint of exotic spices. Contains essential oils!

Our tested usage per pound is .7oz in paraffin or 5% (.8oz) in GW464.

Gel safe: NO
Soap MAX: 2.46%
Lotion MAX: 2.46%
Flashpoint >210F
Phthalate free!

See IFRA for all usages

Our tested wick size using GW464: CDN16 per 3" diameter.
Results may vary depending on micro-climate and technique.
More test results
Color Suggestion: Burnt Orange
Wax Qty Color
Paraffin Wax 2 Flutter Dyes
1 Flutter Dye
Monarch Orange
Speckled Wood
Soy Wax 3 Flutter Dyes
2 Flutter Dyes
Monarch Orange
Speckled Wood

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So Unique and Beautiful

I made a candle the other day with Fallen Leaf and it is even full of scent before I have used it! I am letting it cure for a week which is how I make all my candles.
This scent is not a typical fall scent if that is what you want. It does fall between late summer and early fall here in the Midwest. It is very versatile in my opinion and could be used all year. I can't pinpoint the notes in this one but they are gentle, exotic and sweet earthy.

Right on point

I really like this scent. Smells just like Fall in Michigan. Reminds me of the walks I took at my parents house through their back 20 acres. Used GW 464 soy wax at 6% perfect.

Smells like autumn!

This fragrance captures fall and all the spiciness associated with the season. I love it in wax melts. The fragrance also holds well in cold process soap. It does accelerate but you will have enough time to add swirls.


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