Melt and Pour Soap Base

SFIC Melt and Pour soap base may come as individually wrapped pounds or larger pieces.  Cases will generally be cut-ups in multi pound sizes.  If we run out of cut-ups you may get a case of individually wrapped pounds.  Wrapped cases may be requested for an additional fee.

***NOTE***Melt and Pour Soap base may arrive a bit brittle due to freezing in transport.  The base will may be fine with regular use.  You should test a small amount before making a larger batch by heating in the microwave and cutting.  If brittle -

If you are making single pour soap bars (not cutting them later like a loaf) you can just use as is and the finished bar will be harder than normal/last longer.  To soften the soap to bring it back to how it was originally add water or glycerine at about 3-5% and it should come back to previous texture. If you are cutting loaves it is best to add 7% or more to make sure that they will slice nicely.  You can use an even higher amount but test prior to putting in colors/fragrance since you can always remelt add more soap etc.  Remember adding more glycerine will increase sweating but also makes a more moisturizing soap.