Golden Brands 416 (GB) Votive or Melt Soy Wax

Golden Brands 416 (GB) Votive or Melt Soy Wax

  • $2.95

Golden Wax 416 is primary used for melts (tarts).  Can also be used for votives or pillars with additional additives.  The greater the depth the more cracking will occur. 

All-natural soy wax was specifically developed and formulated for melts and tarts. GB416 has excellent scent throw, exhibits vibrant colors, and releases easily from molds. This wax uses a 100% soy and botanical oil formula that creates a smooth appearance.

Manufacturer's statement - Due to the high amount of botanical additives, this wax blend is not designed for use as a candle wax and won’t burn with a wick. We at Candle Cocoon have found otherwise.  We have tested every single one of our 69 scents with this wax.  It has wonderful scent throw.  Unfortunately, votives crack A LOT when used on it's own. 

  • FDA-approved and Kosher-certified
  • Specifically developed for melts and tarts
  • Resists frosting and creates smooth appearance
  • Melt Point 120F-125F
  • Fragrance Load - 12% 
Heat wax to 180F-190F.  Add scent and dye.  Mix well. Pour.
***Fragrance Load is NOT the recommended amount of scent to use.  It means that it is the MOST additional oil you can use without seepage.  Concentrated scents such as Candle Cocoon oils require MUCH less.  In fact, if you use too much Candle Cocoon oils will often be overwhelming.  Most customers use only 3-6% with Candle Cocoon scents.