Fragrance Oil IFRA Information

Basic IFRA information about usage -

IFRA (International Fragrance Association) is the global representative body of the fragrance industry.  IFRA releases documents commonly know as THE IFRA.  The IFRA only indicates the maximum safe usage for fragrance oils in various applications and not the amount that should be used.  AGAIN - IFRA percentage of use are not to be taken as the amount to used in a product!!!  The amount of fragrance oils to be used in each product must be determine by the creator of the product and it must be no more than the IFRA amount.


ONLY Soap and lotion safeties for all our scents 


Individual IFRA Scent Information Below.  

 *Currently Updated as of 11/19/22

Amore Dolce*

Banana Nut Bread*

Blatantly Blueberry*

Brandied Pear*

Brewed Jasmine*

Bunchberry and Moss*

Candy Corn*

Cappuccino Hazelnut*



Chocolate Suede*

Coco Lima*

Coconut Macaroon*

Cranberry, Cardamom and Clove*

Cranberry Compote*

Creme Brulee Cafe*

Crushed Strawberry and Rhubarb*

Cucumber Chaos*

Cucumber Melon*

Daydream Believer*


Dewfruit and Bamboo*

Dragon's Blood*

Eucalyptus Ivy*

Fairy Dust and Twinkle Toes*

Fairy Tale Bliss*

Fallen Leaf*

Floral Symphony*

Frankincense and Myrrh*

Ginger Chiffon*

Ginger Peach*

Herbal Rosemary*

Heritage Tomato Leaf*

Ice Crystals*

Lavender Lullaby*

Lemon Blossom*

Lime Cilantro*

Lovely Lilac*

Malayan Mango*

Masala Chai*

Maui Mt. Pineapple*

Melon, Fig and Apricot*

Midnight Musk*

Mountain Meadow Honey*

Mulberry and Moonbeams*

Neroli de la Luna*

Ooey Gooey Caramel Goodness*

Orange Tea and Crumpets*

Oud, Turmeric and Saffron*

Patchouli Dreams*

Peony White Tea*

Pepper and Port*

Pillow Fight*

Pipes and Patches*

Pumpkin Coffee*

Rainswept Meadow*

Rare Earth*

Raspberry Cordial*

Red Banana*

Rose Petals and Cream*

Sage and Chamomile*



Share My Moon*


Spiced Apple Pie*

Sugar Shanty*

Sultry Angel*

Sun-warmed Sandalwood* and Sea Mist*

Surf's Up*


Tiger Lily and Cantaloupe*


Vanilla Voodoo*

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle*

Winter Woodlands Whisper*

XO Cognac and Vanilla Orchid*

For more information about Fragrance Oil Usages and IFRA please go to the IFRA site.