Pillar Extreme - All Natural Pillar Wax - BW921

  • $4.45

100% all natural soy botanical wax.  Paraffin Free!  Works wonderfully for melts, votives and pillars!  Incredible scent throw and color retention.

May need a very large wick.  Base wick (no scent or dye) for 3" pillar candles is and HTP1212 or 27ply flat braid.  Testing for best wick size is very important.  If wicked too small you will leave a shell and possibly blow out the sides.

Melt Point:                              135F (57.22C)

Fragrance Load:                     ~10% Max

Suggested Pour Temp:         160-180F  (71.1-82.2C)

Pouring:                               Requires Multiple Pours for Large Candles.

Common Uses:                      Melts, Votives, Pillars, Molded Candles

Storage:                                Cool, Dark and Dry

Form:                                    Pellet. Pastille

Case Size:                              45 lbs


Storage Life:                          Up to 3 Years

Color in Pellets:                     White to Cream

Color in Finished Product:     White to Cream
(Without Dye)

**Why are there color differences from batch to batch?  Short answer - It is a natural product.  What to learn more?  Read - "The Many Different Shades of Truly Natural Wax"

Other Properties

  • Outstanding color-retention
  • Incredible release from molds without the need of release agents.
  • Great for votives and melts, too!
  • Addition of fragrance or dyes may change wicking properties which may result in wicking adjustments to obtain optimal burning. 
  • Can be used in skin care products as a leave on component.

NOTE: Do to the natural properties of this product small amounts of shell/husk may still be present in wax.  Unfortunately these pieces will fall to the bottom of the candle which may be your top.  Solutions - use a fine mesh strainer when pouring or wait until debris has settled and take from top portion of wax.

Also, color may vary from batch to batch as this is a natural product.  It doesn't affect the burn.