Soap Cutter with Planer

  • $29.95

Cut even bars every time with this sturdy adjustable soap cutting box.  Also includes a planing bar for when soap didn't come perfectly out of the mold.  Incredibly handy to have this built in!  No more looking for the planer! 

What is included

  • Wooden Box
  • Block Guide with Wing Nut
  • Built in Planer
  • Wire Cutter with frame


  • Cuts bars of soap
  • Bevel soap edges
  • Exterior Dimensions -
  • Material - Sustainable Bamboo!
  • MAX Internal Width -  4"
  • Color - Natural
  • External Measurements - 10.5" x 4.95" x 3.25" - 27.2*13.4*8cm
  • Wavy Cutter fits in slots (not included)
  • Hole for level (not included)
  • Wire cutter can be used with frame (included) or handle (included).

Common Uses:
Cut soap loaf or trim individual bars.  Easily duplicate sizes.

Country of Origin: China.