Wick tab

  • $16.95


Wick tabs attach to the bottom of a wick to give support and help to safely extinguish a candle flame if the customer does not stop burning their candle.  Wick tabs also have the added benefit of providing a surface for glue dots or hot glue to be applied in order for the wick to be held securely in place. 

Extra tabs are a must when our wicks are ordered.  Simply cut long wicks and re-tab remaining wick.

Wick tabs can be used with wicks for containers, votives or pillars.  Any type of wick, such as square braid, flat braid, CD, CDN, Zinch or HTP wicks can be used with wick sustainers.

Size - 15 mm diameter x 3 mm high neck with a 3 mm hole.

Our wick tabs have a slightly larger hole which allows greater ease of wicking.  Simply insert primed wick into neck hole and pinch shut with a pliers.

Another name for a wick tab is wick sustainer or eyelet.