White Metal Lid 70/450 - AFFILIATED

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The 70-450 White Metal Lid is a continuous thread (CT) metal closure that offers excellent sealing properties of goods in your glass jars for extended shelf life. Its featured plastisol liner forms a hermetic seal. Continuous thread lids are easy to reclose.

This white metal lid is compatible with a range of vacuum and non-vacuum packed applications. These 70 mm metal lids fit glass jars that have a standard 70-450 neck finish.

NOTE - AFFILIATED means that different time frames and shipping may be in effect.  By ordering you acknowledge these terms.  Questions?  Contact us!  And please be patient as we are getting kinks worked out!

Jars Sold Separately. 8oz Economy Jelly Jar

Case = 12 - White Metal Lid 70/450

Case Pack = 4 cases (48 - White Metal Lid 70/450)


Material Metal
Diameter 70mm
Hand crafted
Machine Made