Sam's Favs -  Sample Set

Sam's Favs - Sample Set

  • $16.95

Sam is always on the go!  But taking time to smell the scents is definitely a benefit of working here!  Between pouring scents for orders and scent testing in soap favorites rise to the surface!  Just don't ask what the favorites are two days in a row as you will get different answers!  These were the winners as of a week ago! 

Picture if of Sam's dog Phoebe.

Get all 5 in a 1oz sample size.

Tiger Lily and Cantaloupe - Crazy mix that doesn't seem like it should go together!  Surprising every time!

Frankincense and Myrrh - What can we say, this one just gets you going!

Lovely Lilac - Roses shouldn't get all the attention.  You should really take time to smell the Lilacs!

Daydream Believer - If you need a little motivation this is the scent to have around

Sunflower and Sea Mist - Sometimes you just need to relax.  This helps.