Golden Brands 415 ----- Container Soy Wax -----Raw Material

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With every $50 purchase of Candle Cocoon fragrance oils you are entitled to 10% off  one (case or pound) Golden Wax 464 or 415! (Ex. Purchase $50 in fragrance oils, get 10% off one case; Purchase $100 in fragrance oils, get 10% off two cases; etc). Discount will be automatically applied. Can be combined with the Buy 5 or more pounds of Fragrance Oils get 12% off of each.

Case is 50lbs.   Pick up is Free.  Shipping may be cheaper if you are in Wisconsin, Illinois, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan (Upper Peninsula) -  About $16 - $20 a case (depending on exact location)

Always a good idea to call ahead when picking up wax. We would hate for anyone to make a long drive and not get their wax. 608-258-2558 

Benefits of Golden Wax 415

  • All Natural Wax flakes are easier to work with than traditional paraffin slabs.
  • Golden Brands is superior in providing quality service and technical assistance.
  • Golden Wax is nontoxic.
  • Golden Wax is a completely natural and renewable resource.
  • Golden Wax helps support the American farmer.
  • Golden Wax is clean burning.
  • When wicked and burned correctly Golden Wax is virtually soot free.
  • Golden Wax works with standard candle making equipment that is readily available on the market today.
  • Golden Wax candle spills clean up much easier than other wax spills; simply use soap and hot water to get the wax out of carpets or upholstery.
  • More and more candle manufacturers are making the switch from paraffin slabs to vegetable wax flakes.
  • Melt Point - 121F-125F
  • Fragrance Load Max 8 - 10%

Golden Wax 415 is 100% soy which is both natural and kosher. Many consider this wax to be a raw material used with your own blended recipe. 

This wax blends well with paraffin, slack wax, and micro-crystalline waxes.  Making it a very EZ soy to work with.

Our testing - Heat wax to 180 -190F.  Add dye.  Add scent around it's flash point.  Stir well.  Let cool to 90 -100F.  Pour.

  Quantities over 50 pounds must be ordered by the case.
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Pounds and cases an be shipped or picked up in store. Email for exact shipping as calculated prices will be off.

***Pallets are shipped only.  36 cases per pallet. Assumption is that a lift gate will be needed and you will unload from a pallet.  If pallet can be shipped via Spee-Dee Delivery it may be free delivery.