CDN Wick--12" long - candle-cocoon

CDN Wick--12in. long

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CDN wicks, otherwise known as KST wicks, were invented in Germany for use in stearic acid candles. They are the same size as corresponding CD wicks but they are soaked in a different finishing solution that helps to neutralize the acidic properties of natural waxes. You may find that a CDN will burn out an inch further then its regular CD counter part. For instance, the CD18 will burn out to about 3" in EL soy container with Vanilla Voodoo but a CDN18 will burn 4" in diameter in the EL soy container!!!! Due to increased efficiency in burning CDN wicks may burn cleaner in natural waxes.12 inches long make these CD wicks good for pillars, votives or containers. Wicks can be cut to make additional wicks - for jars, votives or tealights - and save money. All CD wicks come pre-tabbed on one end. If you are cut to make smaller wicks you will need more tabs. Additional Wick tabs may be purchased separately.

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