9oz Straight Sided Candle Glass Jar - AFFILIATED

  • $2.25

Economy jars don't have to be boring!  It all depends on how you package your goods!  Labels, colors and embeds can elevate even the most plain Jane jar to elite heights.  All while saving money! Jams, candles, scrubs and so much more look great in these jars.

NOTE - AFFILIATED means that different time frames and shipping may be in effect.  By ordering you acknowledge these terms.  Questions?  Contact us!  And please be patient as we are getting kinks worked out!

Case = 12 - 9oz Straight Sided Candle Glass Jar

Case Pack = 4 cases (48 - 9oz Straight Sided Candle Glass Jars)

Lid Suggestions - Gold Basic 70/400


Wax Fill 6.5oz comfortably
Water Fill 9oz to top
Material Glass
Outside Height


Diameter 2.857"
Lid Not Included

Jar Store

Thread Finish
Inside color