Dig that Dirt!  - Garden Sample Set

Dig that Dirt! - Garden Sample Set

  • $16.95

It there nothing more wonderful then sticking your hands in the dirt!  As a child there were mud cakes.  As an adult we call it gardening. 

Sample Pack includes 5-1oz samples. 

  • Rare Earth - It wouldn't be a garden pack with out dirt.  Rare Earth is that scent that folks love LOVE or hate HATE.  But it is funny, many folks grow to love it.  Not straight dirt.  It is a more romantic version. 
  • Heritage tomato Leaf - The scent most folks associate with a successful garden.   This is straight and REAL tomato leaf.  Another one you either love or hate.
  • Herbal Rosemary - There are few people that can walk by a rosemary plant without crushing a few of its spiky leaves in your hand.  So fresh.
  • Crushed Strawberry and Rhubarb - Who hasn't stepped on a strawberry before?  It is almost worth losing the berry to enjoy the scent!  Fresh rhubarb has little scent but when it is cooked.  Oh my!  Total yum!  Real strawberry and cooked rhubarb has to be one of the most perfect combinations.
  • Cucumber Chaos - Enjoying the fruits of the garden all year long.  So crisp and fresh.  Great on it's own or as a concentrated mixer.

Sorry no substitutions. Feel free to order other samples!