Freedom Soy Wax - Container Soy - Microwaveable

Freedom Soy Wax - Container Soy - Microwaveable

  • $4.10

Freedom Soy Wax really does give you the ability to make candles any way you choose! You can safely microwave this wax for smaller batches.  Or you can use a double boiler system.  The choice is up to you!  Really great soy wax.

  • FOR BEGINNERS AND EXPERTS ALIKE: Wax in bead form is the hassle free way to make soy candles – wax beads quickly melt, so you can pour the candle wax and start your next batch easily! Ideal for those who are new to DIY candles.
  • MICROWAVABLE CANDLE WAX: The Freedom soy wax blend melts perfectly in the microwave and requires minimal equipment – great for those wanting small batches of candles. Try soy wax beads for candle making without the mess!
  • SIMPLE STEPS: Weigh out your soy candle wax beads in a microwave safe container, melt to 160 degrees, stir in your fragrance and pour the melted soy wax beads into room temperature jars.
  • PERFECT RESULTS: Using soy wax beads for candle making can help to avoid wonky tops, poor sidewall adhesion and uneven fragrance. The best candle making supplies make the best soy candles!
  • MADE IN THE USA: American Soy Organics Freedom soy wax beads for candle making uses soybeans grown in America’s Midwest. Our candle making wax beads are sustainable, renewable and ethically produced.

Melt Point:                              120F

Fragrance Load:                     ~10% Max

Suggested Pour Temp:         150-160F 

Pouring:                                 Pour Immediately

Common Uses:                      Container Candles

Storage:                                 Cool, Dark and Dry

Form:                                      Pellet

Case Size:                              45 lbs


Storage Life:                          Up to 3 Years

Important Facts

  • Tremendous single-pour properties
  • Outstanding color-retention
  • Microwaveable!