The Essence of Incense.

The Essence of Incense

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Diana Rosen

If you think that incense is just a throw-back to the sixties, look again. Today's incense goes further and reaches deeper. Incense - the ancient scents made from spices, fruits, herbs, and resins - brings together peoples and cultures from around the world. It also provides an inviting way to connect with the spiritual and bring fragrance into the home. The scents of the past can still be found in classic incense, such as patchouli, rose, myrrh, sandalwood, frankincense, and jasmine. Modern fragrances can be whimsical, including cherry, watermelon, and strawberry. The choices are endless; the applications wildly diverse. At its core, incense is a tool to evoke peace and tranquility. THE ESSENCE OF INCENSE asks: How can we apply the ritual of incense burning to deepen our own spirituality? How can we infuse our homes and our lives so that we are able to pause, to observe the importance of quiet time shared with our own spiritual force? How can we use incense to give us more personal peace and calm? How can the aromatherapeutic effects of incense add to our lives?

THE ESSENCE OF INCENSE includes inspiring suggestions for using incense in every room of the home - creativity scents in the study for journal writing, relaxation scents for lounging in the bath, sensual scents to set the mood in the bedroom. Sidebars throughout offer practical advice and unique applications for incense.