Vybar 103 Wax Additive

  • $2.25

When creating your own paraffin pillar wax blend, Vybar 103 is one of the most important candle making supplies.  Vybar 103, also commonly known as synthetic beeswax, improves paraffin wax formulations by promoting fragrance and color retention while also binding oils and enhancing opacity. For maximum results, Vybar 103 should be blended into the wax at a weight percentage of between 1-2% (1/4t. - 1t. per pound of wax). Besides strengthening and plasticizing the wax, this product also helps to reduce bubbles, bring out a glassy sheen, and reduce oil mottling. It is suitable for use in paraffin wax types with a melt point of 130F or higher which is generally a votive or pillar wax.

What is Vybar?  Vybar is a Trade Secret polymer.  What is a polymer?  A polymer is a natural or synthetic series of monomer units.  Polymers make up the basis for such natural minerals as diamonds and quartz or processed items such as glass, paper, rubber and even synthetic plastics.  If more information is needed look up Polymer in the Britannica.


  • Use in 130F or higher Melt Point Paraffin
  • Reduces bubbles
  • Increases glossy sheen
  • Increases oil holding ability
  • Decreases mottling

Be away -  An excess of Vybar 103 will result in "brainy" or wavy surfaces and inability to release scent.