Wick Pins.

Wick Pins Only (no cups)

  • $2.50

Self centering wick pins make life easier! Simply insert pin into votive cup, pour candle, let harden, remove from cup then push out pin. There will be a perfectly centered hole where you can insert your wick. No more straightening wicks over and over and over only to have them still harden off center. Can be used with standard size votive cups, octagon votive cup or Dixie cup votives.

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  • Concave base to ease in cup removal!
  • Wash with warm soap and water to remove machining oils before use.
  • Slight straightening of pin may be required.  Simply bend slightly with hands as needed.
  • Votive sized wick pin is made of metal and can rust. Do not expose to water for extended lengths of time.