Votive Mold - candle-cocoon

Votive Mold

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Tin plated votive mold. Fits all popular votive containers. Heavy seamless metal. Top is 1-3/4". Bottom in 1.5". Height is 1-15/16" Wax capacity is 1.5 oz when poured short. 2 oz when mushroomed over the top.

Votive Mold Standard size metal. Holds about 2 ounces of wax in each of the molds. Each candle burns about 15 hours.

**Always wash metal molds with warm soapy water before the first use to remove machine oils.  Dry thoroughly with a soft towel.  To clean after candle making turn upside down on a baking sheet and either place in warm (not hot) oven or melt wax off with a heat gun.