Candle Cocoon's Plastic Free Pledge

 plastic free pledge Candle Cocoon - Say no to plastic


Virgin Plastic FREE by 2025! 

Candle Cocoon has already worked to rid itself of plastic and landfill materials from the beginning by

  • Using only post-consumer recycled bubble wrap, peanuts and boxes. 
  • In about 2017 we switched to cellulose tape (made from trees) with latex rubber backing (made from plants)  all 100% home compostable
  • Use only polyolefin shrink wrap.
  • 2022 we researched and added two fully home compostable (not micro-plastic) bag lines!  We started with two sizes and will soon replace all of our plastic bags!
  • Won't carry plastic tea-light cups.
  • Use of compostable straws in kits - corn based starch.

And while we are extremely pleased with the progress that we have made there is still more work to be done!  We want to get rid of plastic everywhere possible!

  • Find replacements for plastic oil bottles!  The product is available but the cost is high!  But we are committed and will change over to aluminum bottles fully by 2025!
  • Plastic shrink wrap used on pallets.  Our outgoing pallets use bio-film but the incoming ones use plastic.  We strive to find a way to re-use or recycle this material!
  • Plastic soap molds - switching all to silicone.

Would like to find alternatives for

  • Clam shells.  Currently they are recyclable PET. 

This is our pledge.  But it doesn't stop here!  Our commitment to the environment extends to all of our products and operations.  What to read more about what we do?  Check out our BLOG!