Candle Making Frequently Asked Questions

How much fragrance oil for candles?
You should use as little fragrance oil as possible to achieve the desired scent throw when burning a candle. Not all scents are created equal. With Candle Cocoon scents you would need only 3 - 5% to get a very strong scent throw. With other companies fragrance oils you would need between 6% - 12% or more.  You also need to keep in mind that waxes can only hold so much oil and you would need to check with the wax manufacturer to determine usage.  That being said, the less "stuff" you put in a candle, the better it will burn.  For more specific information please view our blog and videos.  Candle Cocoon Blog

How do you pick the right wick size?
There is not a universal "right wick".  Let me repeat -  There is not a universal "right wick".  If anyone says otherwise and you believe them, I have a bridge to sell you.  Seriously,  the specific wax, additives, type of container, size of container, micro climate all play a roll in achieving the best wick for any particular candle environment. 

When trying to figure out the best wick for a specific candle be sure to hold all variables constant and only change one variable at a time. 

For Candle Cocoon scents using Golden Wax 464 or Blended Wax 917 we have compiled a list of our results using a 3" diameter round glass container that is 3" deep.  Your results may vary but this is a good place to start!  Wick Chart