Candle Making Supplies

Candle Making Supplies at Candle Cocoon are of the highest possible quality.   The bulk of the candle making supplies are fully tested by in-house staff.  We do carry some customer demanded candle making supplies that are not fully tested in-house but do adhere to basic tests. 

Fragrance oils, candle dyes, candle waxes, candle wicks, silicone molds are just a few of the types of candle making supplies that are available.

You can get candle making supplies just about anywhere.  In fact, we often tell people that if you can find wax cheaper or closer to go for it!  Wax and wicks are just about the same candle making supplies anywhere you go (if it is the same brand)!  And most times so are fragrance oils.  But our Candle Cocoon Fragrance oils are different!

Candle Cocoon Fragrance Oils are what we do!  It is the heart and soul of our company!  All of our fragrance oils start from scratch with a concept.  Each Candle Cocoon fragrance oil is fully tested and original, safe, and eco-friendly.  It takes between 6 months - 4 years to bring a scent into our carefully curated fragrance oil line.  If a scent makes it into our line you can be sure that it will have the strongest and most complex scent of any scent on the market.  All of our phthalate-free fragrance oils are about 2 - 4X more concentrated than any other fragrance oils on the market.  There are no fillers or extra solvents used with our scents!

There are several ways you can learn about and order our fragrance oils -- THE main candle making supply! 

     Fragrance Oil Full Information -  which includes all sizes, scent description, notes, tested usage wax, tested wick usage, soap and lotion IFRA.
     Fragrance Oil Bulk Ordering - For those of you that know what you want already and just want to add all your fragrance oil to the cart at one time.  Order in ounces, pounds or gallons at wholesale prices.
     Fragrance Oil Scent Samples - Don't know what you want and don't want to read a ton?  Check out these scent sample packs.  Choose from best sellers, employee favorites, seasonal or even owner hated fragrances.


Flutters Dyes are also made on-site and contain only the best possible ingredients to dye all wax types.  Deep dark and rich colors are easily attainable using just a few Flutter Dyes candle dyes in all wax types, including soy wax.  Also, a portion of our profits goes to support endangered butterfly habitat through the Sand County Foundation.

All other candle making supplies are simply the best possible quality.  Research and strong relationships with the manufactures ensure ongoing retail and wholesale success with our customers.