Refund policy

What Is Your Return Policy?
Candle Cocoon Candle Making Supplies does not accept returns or refunds unless the product was defective or incorrect. We offer small amounts of everything that can be used in evaluation. In order to receive a replacement or refund for defective, broken, damaged or incorrect product you must do the following:
-Contact Candle Cocoon, llc immediately! or (608) 233-9290
-Candle Cocoon Candle Making Supplies will determine if the product should be returned or disposed. Products that are to be returned must be received within 30 days of order date. If the refund is due to a shipping problem items may need to be sent to UPS. A refund will not be given on items returned without prior authorization.
-If Candle Cocoon was at fault for shipping of incorrect goods then Candle Cocoon Candle Making Supplies will compensate by either deducting partial shipping costs if a refund is to be given or ship out a replacement free of charge. If a product needs to be returned to Candle Cocoon due to Candle Cocoon’s error then shipping costs will be reimbursed. Please note that if goods must be returned, safe packaging is required. Broken or damaged items will not be accepted and/or refunded. UPS may need to be contacted and all packaging must be kept until otherwise notified.


Absolutely no returns or refunds on any product except for the reason stated above. This includes but is not limited to-fragrance, wax, wick, dye and molds. We have made these products available in sample sizes, so you can try a small amount to ensure you will be satisfied with this product before ordering larger sizes. Candle Cocoon Supplies will not be responsible if you choose not to order samples first. This policy is for your benefit and protection. We can only ensure that the highest level of care is given under our direct supervision. You can be fully assured that the products you buy from us have not been contaminated or mistreated.