Candle Therapy - Talk to an Expert

  • $43.00

Trial Program.  Spots are limited.  Schedule a one on one Zoom call for candle making related questions with Owner and expert Chandler - Lyschel Bersch.  "If it's a candle, I can make it!"

Some of the possibilities!

  • Avoid incredibly costly mistakes.
  • Have examples shown to you.  Present your issues ahead of the meeting and we may be able to do demonstrations.
  • Use this time as a class.  Have multiple people participate!  Present your needs ahead of time. 
  • Can help with many business related issues
  • Expert candle maker over 35 years of experience.
  • Tested products.
  • When you sign up make sure to send us an email about what you are hoping to achieve.  customer @  - Subject - Candle Therapy
  • Available in 1/2 hour blocks.  If you need 4 hours of time you would purchase 8. 
  • Priority given to first clients.  Since time is limited we may only be able to help a few people.
  • General candle chat - Can answer lots of different questions!
  •  Help set up a project - Help brainstorm issues in advance.  Saves a ton of time and frustration.

Booking times - It's your time!  You direct the direction!

Please remember that expertise is limited to products that she has worked with.  While she can provide basic help and understanding with general candle making she will not be able to answer detailed questions about products that Candle Cocoon doesn't carry.

Sorry, no soap making help at this time.

If booking for a class please remember that most full classes will need about 2-3 hours to complete for beginner.  For advanced classes such as marble paraffin pillar making it may require up to 8 hours.  Check with us if you have questions.

Not sure you want to invest?  Many questions to common questions can be found on our blog

****There is no one "right" way to make a candle.  Please remember that the ideas presented are ones that have been proven to work for us using scientific methods.

****No inappropriate or "adult" issues will be discussed.

DISCLAIMER - Candle Cocoon, LLC and Lyschel Bersch make no claims as to being therapists.  If mental health guidance is needed please consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.  Candle Cocoon, LLC and Lyschel Bersch offer guidance in candles, sales and candle making.  What you do is ultimately up to you.

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