Metal Baster

  • $13.95

Want to add streaks of color into your candles?  You need this baster!  Stainless steel doesn't rust and you can heat it with a heat gun to remelt wax!  Thick rubber head holds it's shape longer than other bulbs. 

Hint - Bulb will loosen over time.  Simply wrap with rubber bands to hold bulb in place and extend life of product!

3-piece set includes: cleaning brush, stainless steel injector needle, and non-roll bulb

Works well transferring smaller amounts of liquid


Baster Length: 10 in 

Needle Length: 2 in

Brush Length: 8 in

Package: 14.375 in x 4.5625 in x 2 in

Candles not included.  Used as examples of the art that can be created with the metal baster.