Candle Penreco Medium Density Versagel - Container Gel Wax

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Medium Density Penreco Candle Versagel is the most popular REAL gel wax on the market due to it's incredible versatility. 

Melt Point:                              ~180F

Flash Point:                              450F

Fragrance Load:                     ~3 - 6% depending on the scent.

Fragrance Addition Temp:   203F - 221F (95C - 105C)

Suggested Pour Temp:         185 - 203F  (85 - 95C)

Pouring:                               Single Pour.

Common Uses:                      Container candles

Storage:                                Cool, Dark and Dry

Form:                                    Various

Case Size:                              40 lbs


Storage Life:                          Unlimited

Color in gel:                          Clear

Color in Finished Product:     Clear
(Without Dye or some fragrances)

Packaging Information:

  • One pound comes in one compostable, biodegradable resealable package. 
  • 10 Pounds comes in two compostable, biodegradable resealable packages. 
  • 40 Pounds comes in a recyclable/resealable/reusable pail.
    • Local users - Container can be reused with a $6 credit.  Ask about our program.

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