CDN Sample Pack - Mini

  • $3.95

CDN Sample Pack Mini is great if you need to find a CDN wick for just one (maybe two) candles? Or, just want to do a test burn to get base line reads on your wax. (A base line read is when you burn without any additives. No color. No scent.) Or, if your normal wick family isn't cutting it and you just need to try something different. Give these a try.

Sample pack includes 10 CDN wicks. (1 EACH-4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20 and 22)
Each 12" long wick comes with a sustainer tab already on one end.
An additional pack of 10 sustainer tabs are included so that you can cut and re-tab another set of wicks.

NOTE - Additional packs may be put together to save on plastic.

Get more wicks for your money! Or wick extra tall jars!