Dye Snibbles

  • $2.75

Dye Snibbles are small random sized pieces of dyes that use all natural bases to hold the color. Snibbles are made from a natural wax base saturated with liquid dye and then dried. Great for soy or paraffin! Lots of fabulous colors to choose from. Combine Dye Snibbles for endless color variation! Just remember to keep track of your color recipes so that you can replicate your colors! I recommend using UV to keep the color beautiful on store shelves. And to keep track of color you can pour a small sample and tape it in a notebook for future reference.

Bags are 1/2 ounce or 4 ounce size. Dye This product does not leave those nasty dye spots that are often associated with dye chips. In our quest to have the best products available our dyes come from many different sources. Some of our Snibble line were formally called Dye Crystals and some are totally new to us. Dye Snibbles are very economical. Only .025oz per pound of wax will dye your candles to a very deep shade. Half ounce bags will dye about 10X -20X more then dye diamonds!!! Weight is the best way to use this product. A micro scale is wonderful to help replicate colors. Dye Color Chart is being worked on.