FREE - Hang Out - Chat - Featured Product Lovely Lilac

FREE - Hang Out - Chat - Featured Product Lovely Lilac

  • $10.00

******No purchase necessary!  An automatic $10 discount will be added to the cart to offset the price!!********

I miss people!  I miss talking about our products with people!  Truly free. 

Join me to learn and converse about Lovely Lilac -

  • History of the Scent.
  • What makes it so great.
  • How to get around the wicking issue.
  • Can help with many business related issues.
  • We will take questions!

Booking times - 15 Free Limited Spots available.  8 spots left.

Time - Friday May 27th 4:15 Central.  Via Zoom.  A link will be sent to the lucky attendants.  Please make sure you will be able to attend as there are only 15 spots.


Check out our blog for more articles on various issues.  Many answers to common questions can be found on our blog

****There is no one "right" way to make a candle.  Please remember that the ideas presented are ones that have been proven to work for us using scientific methods.

****No inappropriate or "adult" issues will be discussed.

****Just a heads up, I may need to cancel if I get a Candle Therapy Booking during this time.

DISCLAIMER - Candle Cocoon, LLC and Lyschel Bersch make no claims as to being therapists.  If mental health guidance is needed please consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.  Candle Cocoon, LLC and Lyschel Bersch offer guidance in candles, sales and candle making.  What you do is ultimately up to you.