Kit - Victorian Jar (12) - Basic - candle-cocoon

Kit - Victorian Jar (12) - Basic

  • $43.95

Soy Wax Candle Making Kit - Jar - Essentials for Candle Cocoon® (Professional Quality) Make the highest quality candles! Hobbyist or Professional candle maker? Why not start out with the best quality tested materials?

Why this kit?
Professional quality kit! Enjoy candles that burn well and smell incredible the first time you make a candle! If you love high end this is the kit for you. Every aspect of this kit has been tested. We have tested every soy wax and this is the best one on the market for scent throw and burn. Also, there is nothing else like our Candle Cocoon® scents on the market! Each scent is made to our exact specifications. We sell all over the world to people that "Simply must have the best". And are dyes are made in house using an all natural base. Each wick is tested with each scent in a standard 2oz votive to ensure that it is the correct one for this specific combination. We do the work so you can relax and enjoy! Also, our Candle Cocoon Votive Soy Wax is a biodegradable and renewable resource. AND our soy wax is 100% US grown. Take comfort in knowing that your purchase helps American Farmers! Our container wax is 100% soy.

Kit comes with the following--

1-5 pound bag Golden Brands 464 Soy Container Wax.
1-4oz bottle Candle Cocoon® fragrance of your choice.
6-properly sized wicks (wicks vary depending on fragrance selected)
10-Wick Tabs
3-10pks Flutter Dyes TM (1-Brimstone Yellow, 1-Canary Red Admiral, 1-Karner Blue)
12-6oz Victorian Jars
12-Gold Lids
12-Glue Dots
24-Craft Sticks
12-Rubber Bands
1-Full Color Instruction Guide with pictures.

Dyes can be mixed and matched for endless color combinations.

Enough to make 12 Soy Wax Jar Candles and 2+ refills!!

If you are a new candle maker it is strongly recommended that you purchase the "Jar-Basic PLUS-Soy Wax Candle Making Kit (Professional Quality)-For Candle Cocoon®" which comes with the USA made pour pot, thermometer. You can always add the Essentials/Refill kit for additional jars.

All of Candle Cocoon's scents are tested to insure proper burn when made with the materials in this kit.

What do we have to offer that is different than other suppliers?
We are dedicated to helping serious candle makers through the often confusing environment of the candle making world. Whether you want to be a professional candle maker and sell hundreds or even thousands of candles or if you just want to make a quality candle for yourself, we can help.

People often start with the thought that making a candle is just sticking some wick in some wax and viola you have a candle. And while it is true that you can do that and get something that burns chances are very good that the resulting candle will not burn well. Sooting, wasted wax and little to no scent throw are some of the most common complaints of fledgling candle makers. Having the best products helps in achieving the best quality candles. Candle Cocoon® has spent years and years testing waxes, scents, dyes and wicks in order to find the absolute best products out there. And when we couldn’t find them we had them made for us or we actually make them in house, like our Flutter Dyes.

As much as we would like to we simply cannot do all of the work. Human and environmental conditions will create micro climates that affect your candles. Taking good notes will help you to replicate your results. The room temperature, pouring temperature, stirring method, ingredients and even the humidity may affect your candles and how they burn.

We are there for you in your candle making journey! You are welcome to visit our forum or blog and converse with our email, phone and live chat support.