Little Pumpkin Mold

  • $8.95

Adorable small (some would say very small) pumpkin.  You can even see the ribs, stem and detail of the pumpkin. And the two piece silicone mold makes for easy candle (or soap) removal.

Note:  Very small candle


Candle Height:      2.4"

Candle Diameter:  1.75"

Mold Color:           Random

Mold Material:      Food Grade Silicone

Common Uses:     Candles, Soaps, Concrete

Holds:                    ~1oz wax (by weight)

Food Grade

Mold can be used from -40C to 220C

Note:  Mold comes without a hole.  If hole is desired simply locate the middle and pierce with a sharp object.  We use a wicking awl.  But honestly, this pumpkin mold generally don't need a hole.  Just string the wick out the stem for this mold.

***Candle not included

To make a candle like ours we use a black wax base and white Rub n Buff.