Tree Log With Bark Mold

  • $34.95

Create candles with a deep  bark look.  Customers will be amazed that this is a candle.  Incredibly lifelike!  Can used for candle, soaps, baking and concrete.

Can be used with GW416, EZSoy Pillar, paraffin and beeswax.  The soy waxes (and any waxes) need to be tested thoroughly before selling for the proper wick size.  Our best candles have been made with a paraffin.


Mold Color:  Random

Mold Material: Silicone

Mold Diameter: ~3.00"

Mold Height: ~5.5"

Finished Diameter: ~2.15"

Finished Height: ~4.33"

Wax Weight when filled: ~7oz

*Candles not included