Short and Tall Ceramic Jars with Lids- 3 Colors - AFFILIATED

  • $74.95

Ceramic Jars for candles are all the rage.  Many of them are even hand-made.  But if jar making isn't your thing give these super cool vessels a look!  And the nice thing about these is that since they are made to hold candles you don't have to worry about the extra work of treating them for porosity!  Just fill and go! And with two sizes and three colors to choose from boring is not an option.

NOTE - AFFILIATED means that different time frames and shipping may be in effect.  By ordering you acknowledge these terms.  Questions?  Contact us!  And please be patient as we are getting kinks worked out!

Case = 16 - Ceramic Jars with Lid

Case Pack = 3 cases (48 - Ceramic Jar with Lids)


Wax Fill Short 13.5oz = 10.8oz; Tall 12.7oz = 10.16oz
Water Fill Short 13.5oz = 13.5oz; Tall 12.7oz = 12.7oz to top
Material Ceramic
Outside Height Short 13.5oz =3.15"; Tall 12.7oz = 3.7"
Diameter Short 13.5oz = 3.75"; Tall 12.7oz = 3.346"
Lid Included

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Inside color
Olive Green, Rose Pink, Gray respectively