Flutter Dyes

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****Karner Blue and San Bruno Elfin are BACK!  Please test in small amounts as there may have been a slight change in color due to reformulation.****

Flutter Dyes are the cutest dye on the market! They also make replicating your colors as easy as one, two, three. Using 3 Flutter Dyes per pound of wax will give you our "base" shade. The base color is the shade that the Flutter Dye was created to represent. But you can go darker or lighter to achieve many more shades. 
If you want a lighter shade simply cut the Flutter Dye in half. 

FREE Download -Flutter Dye Color Mixing Chart  - Part 1  Part 2

Rather purchase a hard copy?  Here it is.

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We do not recommend using more than 17 Flutter Dyes per pound of wax as wick clogging may occur.

***NOTE***ALL Flutter Dyes will be changing. Some have already been switched over to new versions or entirely new colors.

Karner Blue-Reformulation- Color true, may be slight change in intensity. (Completed Aug 1 2020)
San Bruno Elfin - Reformulation-Color true, may be slight change in intensity. (Completed Aug 1 2020)
Spicebush-Back to original TRUE black (Completed about June 1, 2017)
Brimstone-Same beautiful yellow. (Completed September 25, 2017)
Monarch-Started out darker 10 years ago. Recently shifted to light. The new one will be a bit darker again. A TRUE orange. (Completed November, 2017).
Malachite-Phasing out. Replacement is Island Marble Green. More of a true green. 
Meadow Brown - Gone. (Blue Brown). Replaced with Speckled Wood. Turned out to be a slightly different color.

Painted Lady-Phasing out. Replacement more of a true pink. Unknown switch date.
San Verdes Blue-Phasing out Colonial Blue. New TEAL color!!! Uncertain date.
Amethyst Hairstreak. Phasing out. Will be replaced with a darker red purple. Unknown switch date.
San Bruno Elfin. Color not known (Yellow Brown). Unknown switch date.

Flutter dyes are made from the highest quality ingredients and work in paraffin, soy, rapeseed, palm and all waxes. The dye base is 100% natural. Flutter Dyes will not leave color residue specks in your candles.

ALSO, a portion of our profits from all Flutter Dyes sold goes to support endangered Karner Blue Butterfly habitat.

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Gorgeous Shades & Great Color Mixing Guide

Love these cute flutter dyes. Fabulous results and appreciate the color mixing guide you provide. My new go to!


Perfect black


I love the dyes and love the fact that some of the profits go to a good cause!