Blened Wax Apricot Coconut Soy Wax

Apricot Extreme - Container Wax - BW924 - NEW!!!

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Apricot Extreme - Apricot, Coconut, Wax Blend.  100% all natural.  Paraffin Free!  Make beautiful and creamy container candles!  Incredible scent throw and color retention. Does contain soy wax.

Melt Point:                              112F (44.4C)

Fragrance Load:                     ~9% Max

Suggested Pour Temp:         160 - 170F  (71.1-76.7C)

Pouring:                               Single Pour.

Common Uses:                      Container candles and melts

Storage:                                Cool, Dark and Dry

Form:                                    Pellet. Pastille

Case Size:                              45 lbs


Storage Life:                          Up to 3 Years

Color in Pellets:                     White to Cream

Color in Finished Product:     White to Cream
(Without Dye)

**Why are there color differences from batch to batch?  Short answer - It is a natural product.  What to learn more?  Read - "The Many Different Shades of Truly Natural Wax"

Other Properties

  • Outstanding color-retention
  • Good jar adhesion
  • Resists bloom
  • Addition of fragrance or dyes may change wicking properties which may result in wicking adjustments to obtain optimal burning. 
  • Will not creep or slump at temperatures up to 100F
  • Pre-blended no additional additives required.
  • Jar pre-heating not required but may be helpful

Manufacturer suggestion for candle making with Coco Extreme

  1. Heat Apricot Extreme to 180F
  2. Add scent and color
  3. Stir well
  4. Pour between 160 - 170F

Candle Cocoon Note: Some scents with higher flashpoints may not bind well at this lower 170F temperature.  If you notice your scent is not giving great hot throw you will either need to either heat the Coco Extreme to 190F or heat the scent a bit before adding to the Coco Extreme.  Experimentation is required.  Heating the wax higher may cause rough tops that can be smoothed with a heat gun.

 NOTE: Do to the natural properties of this product small amounts of shell/husk may still be present in wax.  Unfortunately these pieces will fall to the bottom of the candle which may be your top.  Solutions - use a fine mesh strainer when pouring or wait until debris has settled and take from top portion of wax.

Also, color may vary from batch to batch as this is a natural product.  It doesn't affect the burn.

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Customer Reviews

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Love it

This is the best wax we've worked with. We heat it up to 190-200 and mix the scent almost immediately and have had great results. Love the feel and look of this wax.

Great candle wax.

Great finish, fast melt time, scent retention, takes color well and this wax is good to blend with other waxes for many candle purposes.