Flat Braid Wick - candle-cocoon

flat braid wick

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Flat braid wick is also called classic, regular or ply.  It is commonly used in paraffin wax for tapers and pillars.  But some folks swear by it for beeswax.  This wick provides a slight curl when burning, which helps reduce carbon build-up throughout the candles life.  The main applications are dipped, poured and extruded candles. Wick is "raw" which means that it has not been chemically treated to enhance burn.  100% natural raw wicks.


  • Provides a slight curl when burning to reduce carbon build-up.
  • Designed for dipped and extruded candles.
  • Constructed from 100% natural fibers.

See guide below for help selecting appropriate wick style. Please keep in mind that these diameters are approximate and should be tested in your own wax formula.


For paraffin candles

PLY Yards Per Pound Candle Size                         (Mostly used for paraffin) Approximate Yards Per Spool

Approximate Weight of Spool   (W/O core)

15 Ply 829 Extra Small Candles 3670 71.6 oz
18 Ply 690 Up To 2 inch dia. candles 335 7.85 oz
24 Ply 492 2 inch too 2.5 inch candles 240 7.85 oz
30 Ply 390 2.5 inch to 3 inch candles 185 7.65 oz



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Appreciate being able to get a whole spool. Thankful for the availability of the flat braid wick.