CD Wick--1.25" long.

CD Wick--1.25" long

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1.25" with tab are the perfect length for standard tea light molds. We only carry the CD3 in this size because 95% of our fragrance oils test best with the CD3. Sustainer base protective tab measures 15mm x 3mm. Lead free wick. Made from cotton and a paper thread which causes it to burn a little hotter than cotton by itself. Wick pre-primed in 100% natural waxes for added stability when placing the wick in the cup and to prevent air pockets. Air pockets can extinguish a flame or hinder the fuel flow resulting in a smaller than desirable flame.

For greater cost reduction order 12" long wick; cut and re-tab. You can get 10 tea light wicks out of one 12" length! All CD wicks come pre-tabbed on one end. If you are cut to make smaller wicks you will need more tabs. Additional Wick tabs may be purchased separately. Order Tabs