Raspberry Cordial™ - Fragrance Oil

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Sweet and tart and wonderfully aromatic. A wonderful little toast with friends. You can practically taste the sweet raspberry liquid as it rolls around your tongue. A scent to savor and enjoy.


T: Raspberry Sugar, Sparkly Cordial

M: Pansy Blossom, Fresh Strawberry

B: Fermented Raspberry, Sheer Musk

*Our Tested Candle Usage

Paraffin Wax - 3.125% (.5oz/lb)

GB464 Soy Wax - 3.75% (.6oz/lb)

Our Tested Wick Size Using GW464: CDN16 per 3" diameter.

Results may vary depending on micro-climate and technique.
More test results

Gel safe: NO
Soap MAX: 11.16%
Lotion MAX: 3.24%
See IFRA for all usages.

Flashpoint >125F
Phthalate FREE!

Color Suggestion: Deep Rich Plum Red
Wax Qty Color
Paraffin Wax 1-1/2 Flutter Dye
1/2 Dye Diamond
Canary Red Admiral
Burgundy Brandy
Soy Wax 3 Flutter Dye
1 Dye Diamond
Canary Red Admiral
Burgundy Brandy


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