Zinc Wick - 12 in. long - In stock now!

Zinc Wick - 12 in. long - In stock now!

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Zinc Core Wick is a unique formulation that works in various candle applications, including votives, pillars, and containers. The jacket design is manufactured from 100% natural fibers and maintains superior rigidity in the molten wax pool. 

These wicks are the most commonly used wicks for Medium Density gel wax.


  • Constructed with a 100% natural jacket design and a zinc core.
  • Designed to be used in votives, pillars, and containers.
  • Pre-waxed using gel wax safe coating.
  • 12" in length provides plenty of wick for deeper candles.
  • One sustainer tab included for ease of setting wick. 
  • Sustainer measures 15mm x 6mm

Engineered to provide maximum rigidity.

Size Number Definition - Three Numbers 

  • First number indicates the actual wick size.  The size is determined by how many individual threads were braided into the wick. The larger the number the larger the wick.  Generally the higher the number the bigger the melt pool and higher rate of wax consumption.
  • Second number depicts the speed that the thread is sent through the braiding machine.  The larger the number, the faster the speed and the tighter the braid.  The tighter the braid the slower the wax consumption.
  • Third number indicates a code for the temperature at which the finished wick is primed with wax.  Various temperatures of wax may be needed depending on the wick size, braid tension and wax molecular structure.


Wick Designation Yield
Flame Height
Pool Diameter
44-24-18 Z
   322    0.15     1.13     1.63
51-32-18 Z 255 0.18 1.33 1.77
60-44-18 Z 209 0.23 1.62 1.95

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