EcoFrost - Biodegradable and Home Compostable Bag

  • $2.00

PRE-SALE - Prices are good only until bags arrive.  Expected due date Dec 30th 2022.  Exercise caution when ordering.  If other items are ordered either order separately or entire order will ship when bags arrive.

Our very own EcoFrost Bags are sturdy, translucent and re-closable.  These bags can take a lot!  Just keep them out of direct sun-light for extended periods.  After use they can be put into a home composter and break down into organic materials within just a few months (not micro-plastics)!  BUT they can last on shelves from 6 months, a year or longer when kept dry and out of direct sun.

  • Home Compostable  - View Certificate
  • Food Safe
  • 100 and 1000 are packed in 100s.  In a compostable bag.
  • Sizes include interior of the bag.  Zipper portion excluded in size.
  • Freezer safe for at least 2 months.