Just the Descriptions

At Candle Cocoon we feel that a scent is made up of more than the sum of it's parts. A scent, when done correctly should sweep you away. It should make you FEEL the scent. Not just smell a scent. I so often find it misleading when a scent is listed as just parts. A scent is more about how and what it makes you feel. All of our scents were created because of a memorable event. We want you to feel part of that event.  But for those of you that relay on note description,  I hear you and I answer.  But please remember, you are not going to "smell" specific notes as many are used to create the entire scent.

All of Candle Cocoon's scents are phthalate free and have no extra solvents. Our fragrances are made of the best possible ingredients and are as concentrated as possible. Using less oil makes a better candle.

And now the scents......

Amore Dolce - Ahhh, sweet love. Gentle caresses of spice, greens, floral and woods. Held tight with bright notes of orange, balsam and cuddled with jasmine, rose and vanilla. Such a pretty scent! Pure and clean love!

T: Bright notes of orange, balsam

M: Cuddled with jasmine, rose

B: Smooth vanilla

Banana Nut Bread - After an exhausting day the door of your home opens and the warm scent of Banana Nut bread hits. You rush to the oven and throw open the door. Nothing. The scent of chopped nuts and bananas in a fresh bread is too much to deny. There must be a bread here somewhere! And there on the ledge is the object of your desire. The smell rushes over you as you inhale deeply.

Blatantly Blueberry - Skipping through forest under-story to find the perfect blueberry spot. Being careful not to disturb the beautiful blankets that the tiny creatures have worked so hard to create. Sitting on a log and picking all around. One for the bowl, one for me! Two for the bowl, one two for me! Picking blueberries has never been easier! This the truest blueberry that you will ever find. Wild and juicy with a sharp tart sensation that you can only get from an untamed plant!

Brandied Pear - Flaming pears with brandy sauce. The brandy cooks off and leaves the juiciest most succulent, tender pears. The brandy enhances the pear to really make this scent "pop".

Brewed Jasmine - Tranquility and Truth. A steamy cup of China's best herbal tea with powerful notes of delicate Jasmine flower.

Bunchberry and Moss - An early morning treat. Walk in a marshy Northern Wisconsin forest and you will be treated to the unmistakable smell of a mixture of so many different plants and earthy smells. But my favorite time is right as the Bunchberries are flowering. This is one elegant scent. There are so many different notes.

Candy Corn - Bring back memories of childhood with this enticing scent. A mix of sweet honey and milky caramel. Hard to describe, but just like the candy!

Cappuccino Hazelnut - You hear the whirl of the coffee mill, the perking of the pot; the drip, drip, drip of the coffee hitting the hot plate as you forget to replace the pot. The lure of fresh coffee comes wafting to you! It stirs the senses. This delicate blend of hazelnut with just the right amount of coffee opens the way to your day!

Cherished - Times to remember spent with friends. Times cherished. Wonderful warmth and moments. Cherished. Never to forget. Touches of citrus and pomegranate dance around tart frosted cranberry. Very unique scent.

Chocolate Suede - Deep, dark soul kiss. A complete melding of two opposing scents. A very daring and sexy scent. Bittersweet chocolate blends perfectly with woody sandalwood and other woods to give this scent real depth.

T: Dark Chocolate

M:  Suede, Cedarwood

B: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk


Citronella (Java Essential Oil) - Citronella Java essential oil is derived from the leaves and stems of various species of Cymbopogon otherwise know as lemongrass. It is used extensively in perfumes, soaps, candles, incense, and insect repellents. The chemicals such as citronellal, citronellol, and geraniol are the most sought after in Citronella Java essential oil. 

Coco Lima - Thoughts of winter turn remorse. Sand and sun must run its course. Sitting back with black shades on. Sipping dreams up from a husk. Limes and coconuts mixed so well!

T: Shredded Raw Coconut, Kaffir Lime

M:  Jamaican Rum Accord, Coconut Milk, Coconut Cream

B: Maraschino Cherry, Simmered Rhubarb, Sugared Vanilla

Coconut Macaroon - A sweet and buttery baked macaroon made with rich almond paste, toasted coconut flakes and just a kiss of citrus zest. This scent really has that "just out of the oven smell"

Cranberry Compote - Ode to the cranberry! Quaint little bitter creature when left to its own devices. Tangy when simmered. Sweet and tart when care is given.

T: Citrus

M: Cooked Cranberry, Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Gardenia, Rose, Jasmine, Violet

B: Caramelized Sugar

Cranberry, Cardamom and Clove - Cranberries gently mulling. Sweet green cardamom and pungent clove simmer with tart cranberry.

T: Mandarin, Orange

M: Clove, Sweet Green Cardamom, Tangy Apple, Cherry, Red Hot Cinnamon, Raspberry, Cranberry, Strawberry, Banana

B: Warm Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Powder

Crème Brule Cafe - THIS IS THE BEST DESERT scent that I have ever smelled! Toasted, sugared, coffee flan. Incredible and decadent. Glazed sugar lingers in the room long after the candle is put out.

Crushed Strawberry and Rhubarb - Old time goodness! Yummy fresh ripe strawberries simmering with garden cut rhubarb! Did I say yum!

T: juicy orange, ripe raspberry, peach, fruit stems 

M: heart of strawberry, rhubarb, slight spiced clove

B: warm vanilla, sweet musk

Cucumber Chaos - Cucumber......Be amazed at the power of a true cucumber. So fresh, clean and inviting. Never overpowering but always interesting.

Cucumber Melon - Cucumber, tangy honeydew, rich cantaloupe and juicy watermelon meld to produce this ripe, REAL scent. Not overly sweet and sticky, just perfect and strong.

Daydream Believer (Lavender Mint) - Heart pounding. The dawn of a new day. Excitement fills the air with striking notes of lavender and revitalizing herbal mint.

T: Bergamot, Peppermint, Spearmint, Wild River Mint

M:  Field Lavender, Geranium, Herbal Tonic

B: Sheer Woods, Raspberry, Musk

Dewdrop - The morning mist kisses the Freesia bud. The wind gently caresses the Juniper. The meadow wears the dewdrop as fragrant gems.

Dewfruit and Bamboo - Formerly known as Geisha and prior to that Panda's Delight. Asian winds blow. Bouncy green notes blended with dew fruit (like grapefruit) and soft berry to create this unique and appealing Asian aroma. From our Spa line.

Dragon's Blood - A new city, a new town. As the leaves are tumbling down. You have given into your wondering ways. Something you need, something you crave. And there it is from the corner of your eye. A gem in wood and brick and lathe. On a street where the signs are gone. Without a name is where you walk. Into the door. Into the light. A bookstore that is comfy as home. Couches and quilts and tea on the stove. As you walk in and make your acquaintance with old friends and new. Bronte and Kingsolver settle with you. Surrounded by a smell that is exciting and new. Earthy notes of amber and smoke and something totally new. Dragon's Blood is what you are told. A lovely scent not just for the bold.

Eucalyptus Ivy - Fresh and Clean. Herbal Eucalyptus opens your mind and the calming green notes of Ivy ground your senses.

Fairy Dust and Twinkle Toes ™ (Grapefruit Mix) - The Fairies dance in the dark unseen. Bubbling flickers of light. The scents that they kick up in their joy is a bright and tingly scent, just like them. A citrus melody of predominately grapefruit with supporting notes of juicy orange, tangy lemon and zesty lime.

Fallen Leaf - A late fall hike through a sun-warmed forest. Leaves lay on the moist ground. A gentle rain starts as you duck into an old barn. Most of the roof and sides have fallen back into the earth. But the shelter is enough to keep you warm and dry as you enjoy the deep rich smell of the leaves all around. Soon the sun is spilling through the trees. You just can't smell this scent anywhere else! A heavy, musky, earthy blend with notes of amber and patchouli with a hint of exotic spices.

Frankincense and Myrrh - Ancient incense. Softer and prettier but still deeply earthy and spellbinding.

Ginger Chiffon - Ginger Chiffon is a wonderful tingly scent. It is just so light and airy. It is a strong scent but it gives feelings of warmth and light. Also with a touch of sweetness.

Ginger Peach - A peach so succulent that it bursts with juice the moment you put the knife to the fruit. The sharp aromatic scent of the fresh ginger root combines to give an incredibly beautiful scent.

Herbal Rosemary - A lazy stroll in a formal English garden. Ivy entwines about everything. You pick the soft leaf of a rosemary plant and gently rub it between your fingers. Clean and invigorating, it tingles your nostrils as it clears you mind.

Ice Crystals - You rest your forehead against the glass pane and spy the first snowfall of the year. Everything is covered in a crisp whiteness. You breathe in deeply and the scent sharply permeates all of your scenes but is soon mellowed as you exhale. Your vapor crystallizes on the glass. Smooth chocolate and crisp mint blend together to give a refreshing scent, much like that fresh snow.

Lavender Lullaby - The night sky as it drifts off to sleep. The gentle cooing of the evening birds. The delicate scents of relaxing lavender, comforting lilac and healing aromatic mimosa. Touched with a blessing of cleansing green notes.

T: Lemon, Apple, Mint Leaves, Lavender

M: Hungarian Lilac, Mimosa, Lily of the Valley, Heliotrope Florets

B: Blond Woods, Balsamic Resin, White Musk

Lemon Blossom - "Lemon tree very pretty and your flower smells so sweet. But the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat." A warm blend of ginger, woody sandalwood and true lavender are melded with litsea, bergamot and smooth violet all combined with the delicate lemon blossom.

T: Bergamot, Jaffa Orange, Lemongrass, Lavender, Lemon Blossom

M:  Ginger Petals,  Geranium Rose, Jasmine, Litsea, Smooth Violet

B: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Tonka, Vanilla, Musk

Lime Cilantro - A tangy and tart blend of crisp, citrus lime melds perfectly with fresh, green cilantro. An unexpectedly wonderful Southwestern combination.

Lovely Lilac - I smell Lilacs, Smell them in the air!!! My tribute to Les Miserables!! Truly a Lovely Lilac. Wild yet a little sweet.

T: Cinnamon, Clove, Allspice

M: Bulgarian Lilac,  Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Lily of the Valley

B: Heliotropin, Patchouli,Tolu Balsam, Raw Musk

Malayan Mango - Mango drips from your lips and trails down your chin. Only the trees see as you dive into the next plump ripe beauty. This is a true mango with a bit of papaya and fresh winds. It does not have the rotten smell that other mango scents seem to have.

T: Orange, Strawberry, Nectarine

M: Juicy Mango, Papaya

B: Black Cap Raspberry, Dark Musk

Masala Chai - Masala Chai has a special place in my heart. I LOVE this stuff. I drink it hot, cool, iced and blended! It is a wonderful blend of Cumin, Cardamom, Star Anise, honey and milk along with other spices. AND you can actually smell the milk!

T: Nutty, Buttery

M: Cumin, Cardamom, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Clove, Cherry, Coconut, Nutmeg

B: Milk, Honey, Maple, Vanilla

Maui Mt. Pineapple - Warm nights and tropical breezes. Private cabanas, yellow bananas. Drinks sipped through straws. Little umbrellas that would not keep your fingers dry. Pineapple mugs, pineapple sticks, pineapple, pineapple and more pineapple!

Melon Fig and Apricot - Heavenly honeydew. Fantastic Fig. Appealing Apricot. Three simply wonderful fruits make up this one perfectly balanced scent. The fig and apricot give grounding and depth to the sweet honeydew.

Midnight Musk - Should or shouldn't. Do or don't. Time divided. Dogs howl, lightning crash. Words untold now come to pass. Hearts race with truths untold. Warmth and heat. Tears and fears are laid to rest. Two souls unwind, bare reason stands.

T: Ambrette Seeds

M: Cyclamen, Musk Blossoms, Muskmallow

B: Blonde Woods, Crystal Musk

Mountain Meadow Honey™ - This is the world from a Honey Bee's perspective. Enjoy the simple things in life! A sun-warmed fragrant mountain meadow with hives overflowing with rich golden honey.

T: Perfect Jasmine, Raw Honey

M: Blooming Rose, Exotic Ylang Ylang, Orange Blossom

B: Vanilla, Tonka

Mulberry and Moonbeams™ - Intoxicating mulberry wine. Moonbeams dance through thick stormy clouds. Lightning strikes. Earth Quakes. Knees shake. Shattering kisses. Fleeting fright.

T:  Orange Zest, Black Cherry, Red Apple

M: Mulberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Mulled Wine

B:  Vanilla Sugar, Sheer Musks

Neroli de la Luna - Only the night knows the mysteries of the moon. A mesmerizing blend of Neroli and Cedar.

Ooey Gooey Caramel Goodness - Rich, creamy, Ooey Gooey Caramel Goodness. What more can we say :)

Orange Tea and Crumpets - 4 O' clock and it is time for a proper tea. Black Tea steeped with juicy orange and served with bakery fresh crumpets.

Patchouli Dreams - Swaying with the music. Peace on your lips. Experience the sheer joy of just being. Peace out! Earthy Patchouli. A 70's dream come true.

Peony White Tea - Don't expect a Peony smell as this Tea is named after the rare Peony White Tea. It is named so because the shape of the leaves in the tea resemble Peony heads. A beautiful and exotic White Tea. It is a mild slightly spicy tea with a bit of floral and undertones of berry. Very sexy.

Pepper and Port - Cool Moroccan nights spill their spiced winds into the vastness. Become a part of this majesty! Crushed peppercorn, floral-fig and port wine. The notes--Fresh orchard, zesty citrus and black currant top-note, a jasmine, lily of the valley, hibiscus and tuberose middle-note, and a figgy-patchouli, peppercorn and soft white-musk base-note with a deep port wine.

Pillow Fight - Pillow Fight is beautiful outdoor sun-washed cotton. There are subtle notes of lilac, honeysuckle and citrus melted with fresh cleaned sun-drenched cotton. This is not an overly floral scent but it is very fresh and clean and STRONG!

T: Bergamot, Lemon, Pineapple, Country Air

M: White Lavender, Downy Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Line-Dried Linen

B: White Cedar, Warm Hay, Amber, Musk

 Pumpkin Coffee - Pumpkin Coffee is a unique character. It is the Pumpkin essence without a lot of spice! It can be a year-round seller under other names. It has rich notes of pumpkin with deep back notes of black coffee with just a touch of sweet.

T: Orange Zest, Brown Butter, Toasted Macadamia Nut, Fresh Brewed Coffee

M: Cinnamon, Clove, Grated Ginger, Nutmeg, Cooked Pumpkin

B: Powdered Sugar, Brown Sugar, Vanilla Bean

Rare Earth - Imagine a deep healing mud wrap that uses the finest African clays. You can almost smell the activity of the jungle river. A deeper, richer, earthy, animal scent with raw masculinity. Top notes galbanum, lavender, sage, cedar and patchouli.

Raspberry Cordial - Sweet and tart and wonderfully aromatic. A wonderful little toast with friends. You can practically taste the sweet raspberry liquid as it rolls around your tongue. A drink to sip and enjoy.

Red Banana - A stroll on a deserted tropical beach. Wind in your hair. The tree is so loaded down with bananas that you reach out and pluck a beautiful red banana from the bunch. Are you dreaming? As you peel slowly a burst of REAL banana greets your nose. There is no fake sharp banana smell here. This is true banana. Fresh and creamy.

Rose Petals and Cream - Rose Petals and Cream- - A new twist on a classic. Rich cream is steeped with romantic rose petals. It is an actual Indian dessert. Beautiful scent.

Top - Sweet Cream, Middle - Geranium and Rose Petals with a hint of Basil Seed, Base - Vanilla Sugar, Tonka Bean, Musk

Sage and Chamomile - Uplifting Chamomile melds perfectly with grounding Sage. Very Herbal.

T: Green Apple, Bergamot, Orange

M: Sage Leaf, Chamomile Flower, Apricot, Orange Blossom, Freesia, Jasmine, Rose Petals

B: Tonka, Vanilla, Patchouli, Sheer Musk

Seashells - Down by the Sea. On a blanket with my baby smelling the salty waves as they lick the shore.

Serendipity - Memories of childhood. A scent created to remember the uninhibited joy and laughter of children. Just when you think that you have the scent captured it bursts into a whole different fragrance. A whiff of apple, no… a bit of mint… could that be oats…no…pineapple, wait a hint of cake. So different and alluring you will be mesmerized by this scent.

Solace - My solace. An exhausted Montana sunset. Long day spent digging for sapphires for our engagement ring in the dried dusty river bed. Falling asleep in his arms as the mountain scents wash over us. A complex mixture of mint, bergamot and thyme. Very soothing.

T: Apple, Bergamot, Cucumber, Mint;

M: Juniper, Lavender, Fresh Thyme;

B: Oakmoss, Musk

Spiced Apple Pie - Piping hot pie, fresh from the oven. Just like Grandma used to make! Good thing dad knows the recipe! Lots of warm apples and cinnamon with just a touch of crust!

Sugar Shanty - Wonders and ramblings over paths known and true. Yet surprised by something totally new. The time of year is not normal for walking. The smell of wood and maple is strong and inviting. You take a path that you hadn't seen before which leads you to the front door of a shanty so small that it could not be a home. A small place with only one purpose. Doors wide open and welcoming. You approach with anticipation and are met with cries of welcome. Three men stand there with outstretched cups. Offerings to a small group gathered with spoons to mouth. Sampling the goodness from the fire. The men, taking turns with watchful eyes. So that the fire does not scorch the prize. Maple heating on the stove gives up its intoxicating smell. But there is more that stirs the senses. Long kept guns used for decoration prick the senses with acrid powder. Still able to smell the last shots fired. And jugs of bourbon for later at night as these three men stay the night. To tend the fire over which the maple bubbles. Jolly and laughing and bringing folks together. This is their work. This is their pleasure. Three good friends stick together. To share in the bounty that the trees give them. Turning toil to delight.

Notes of maple syrup, gun smoke and bourbon.

Sultry Angel - In our search for a Sugar Cookie we ended up developing this scent! It is our Sugar Cookie gone right :) It is sweet, innocent and VERY sexy. Layers of musk, vanilla and molasses seduce you before you realize it. This is NOT a sugar cookie.

T: Mandarin Orange, White Floral

M:  Blooming Violet, Lily, Cedar, Brewed Molasses

B: Vanilla, Musk, Oak Moss, Sandalwood

Sun-Warmed Sandalwood - The smell of the warmed wood from exotic Hawaiian Sandalwood has hypnotic effects. Warm, earthy and aromatic.

Sunflower and Sea Mist - A bright and lively scent. A wake-up call to your nose like the slap of ocean waves against bare legs. A truly unique floral! And the best part is that this scent is SUPER strong!

Sweetgrass - A soft drumming fills the air. Images of things and places fill your mind. Sweetgrass fills the air. So sweet. So herbal. So good. You are in the mood for meditation.

Tigerlily and Cantaloupe - An unexpectedly beautiful scent! Rich intense Tiger Lily blended with hints of other floras. Chamomile with velvety mimosa and white cyclamen, blend with green pear and fresh juicy cantaloupe.

Transcendence - Achieve a new level of awareness. An unlikely union of conflicting scents. The Yin and Yang of scents. Mint and Musk. Citrus and Melon. Floral and Earth. A little of everything.

Vanilla Voodoo - Allure…Intriguing…Vanilla surrounds you. Inhale…deeper…you can't escape and you don't want to. Something else…can't place it…ummmm. Vanilla Voodoo™ has got you!

T :Toasted Sugarcane
M: Sweet Cream, Sour Cherry
B: Buttery Vanilla


White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle - Rich and creamy sweet white chocolate melted into essence of raspberry and kissed with truffles! Indulge! Perfect for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or any day! Notes--Top: fruity raspberry Middle: White chocolate, pecan, buttery brown sugar Base: chocolate vanilla toffee

Winter Woodlands Whisper - Crunch, crackle; those are the sounds that your feet make as you take a refreshing walk deep into an evergreen forest in the depths of winter. The cold doesn't affect you as you deeply inhale the aroma of pine, spruce and fir.