Candle Cocoon Fragrance Oils

Candle Cocoon Fragrance Oils are all super concentrated, phthalate-free and unique. Each and every one of our scents was created with intent.  Memory is locked in fragrance so shouldn't a fragrance concept start with a memory?  Each of our Candle Cocoon fragrance oils started as a personal experience of traveling, spending time with friends, collecting data for my botany degree, helping others collect data for their thesis or being so moved by a story that I can feel the scents through their vision.  When having a scent created I take every step to ensure that it is REAL and the best possible quality.  It can take between 6 months to 4 years to come up with the perfect fragrance oil that not only exudes my vision but is also incredibly strong at just 3 - 5% and is clean to use. 

Each one of the stories associated with each scent is a piece of how the fragrance oil came into being.  And with all of the testing we do to perfect each of our scents we know that the fragrance oil will be super strong in any wax or allowable application.  The only thing left for you to do is test a small amount to see if my idea of the scent matches up with yours!  Every nose is different and that is one of the beautiful things about fragrance! 

And yes, 3 -5% is on the very low end of fragrance oil usage.  It is not a typo.  We test to ensure low amounts of our fragrance oils can be used to get an incredible scent throw.  And yes, this does mean that the scent in the bottle can seem "off".  You have to get our fragrance in products to have the scent bloom!!  For more on this please see our video.

As an example we just had a trip to Las Vegas to attend the National Candle Association Conference.  We didn't want to just stay in a hotel so we made an excursion to Red Rock Canyon.  In doing so we came across some incredible smelling desert plants.  This inspiration is leading us to an entire new line of incredible smells!!  SO stay tuned!  Or check out our Story Time!

***All fragrance and essential oils are heat and light sensitive.  We ship in opaque plastic bottles to save on gas (glass is heavy). But unused oils should be transferred to amber bottles and stored in a cool dark and dry place if not used within a month or two.