Candle Making Wax

What is the best wax for candle making?  We have gathered all of the most highly sought after candle making waxes for you.  Each candle wax has either been fully tested by our Candle Cocoon staff or there was a tremendous amount of customer demand. 

For our tested candle waxes we offer full disclosure of our wick testing and fragrance oil usage listed on each individual scent page.  The Golden Wax Soy 464 is fully up to date.  We are currently testing new favorite Blended Waxes 917 - Coco Extreme and will update our results as we go along.  Each test does take a number of days as we fully burn about 24 3x3" candles and record the results to determine the best wick to use.  Of course your own candle testing and verification is still needed.  We provide a good starting point.

As for fragrance oil usage in the various waxes, they are listed on each individual fragrance oil page.  Our testing starts at concept.  When we first get in candle scents for testing we use only 3% in BW921 which is a pillar wax.  After going back and forth and refining our scent 5, 10 or even 100 times we get an incredible scent that will have incredible hot throw in EVERY wax at very low usage.  We verify this by using our other waxes and then sending out samples to testers that use many different waxes.  We do all of this before adding a fragrance oil to our line. 

You can be assured that with all of this testing that once a product is added to our line we will keep it for as long as possible!